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Welcome to APS

Welcome to Scotland's #1 Land and Property Auction House. Operating from Central Scotland and offering Auctions in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen. We offer a no sale no fee service and work closely and in conjunction with Estate Agents. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Property Market industry and strive on providing a first class service. We have secured the service of TV Auctioneer, Mr David Palmer who is highly experienced and well known celebrity status in the industry. We offer our Auction Service for all types of land, commercial or residential properties.

Auction Property Scotland

Selling Property throughout Scotland?

Auction Property Scotland strives on providing a first class and unique service to our Sellers and Buyers.

The Auction route is fast becoming the new way to sell and buy property. Gone is the stigma attached to Auction property that they are primarily repossessed, derelict or in the need of complete refurbishment. Auction Property Scotland properties available are widely ranged from Plots of Land to Large luxury hotels in all parts of Scotland. Some properties may be in the need of refurbishment or upgrading and some are walk in condition but still offering a very attractive discount from the Home Report Value. Which for buyers is an extremely attractive selling point.

An additional benefit to both buying and selling via Auction is once your bid has been accepted and relevant fees and deposits paid it becomes Legally Binding. Therefore no one can withdraw from the deal. Completion is also a lot quicker with the condition that it must be within twenty eight days, however, in our experience it is generally sooner. We have seen sales complete in seven days.

As a forward thinking organisation we are continually improving our service and how we conduct our business. With this in mind we are launching Online Property Auctions for the last Wednesday or Thursday of every month. A new, innovative way to buy property by Auction. This opens up our properties to not only local, national but also to international buyers and investors. Due to busy lifestyles, Buyers and Investors cannot always make the auction, this service therefore allows every person registered to bid the opportunity to make the auction from the comfort of their home, work place or perhaps even whilst on holiday from a mobile device.

If you are new to buying or selling at Auction, our highly experienced team would be delighted to take you through the process. We also have a step by step guide to buying and selling on our website which will help inform you of what you need to take into consideration. Whilst Auction Property Scotland are delighted to take you through all the processes, it is imperative that you as a buyer are aware that you have the sole responsibility to carry out all research on the property and be fully informed prior to submitting a bid.

Selling or Buying property in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Stirling, Inverness and all surrounding areas has never been easier. Operating from Central Scotland we offer a no sale, no fee service and work closely in conjunction with Estate Agents. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Property Market Industry and we thrive on providing our clients with this knowledge to help them to find their perfect property or equally to sell their property at the best possible price.